Building an Island Dream

Stonefish is a project of creating a dream on island of Vis, Croatia. Come build it with us!


Once upon a time people used to grow wine on the hill overlooking the island of Vis.

But then the wine disease struck. Vineyards were abandoned and people left the island in search of a better life. The nature took over and ruled this land for the last 100 years. Figs, pine trees and rosemary offer food and protection to bees and birds.


Before nature took over, people built kilometers and kilometers of dry stone walls to build their vineyards.

Millions of working hours were invested into liberating soil from stone and then preserving their precious vines from elements. These walls are standing strong even 150 years after being built. They serve as a crucial element in planning and organizing life around Stonefish.

Current projects.

We are a bunch of enthusiasts who want to restore the magic of this land. We initiated a bunch of projects.
Bringing it up the hill

We're buidling reservoirs to store rain water in order to enjoy the best quality of water.

to the stars

This is our planet, our home. But space is so vast and interesting that we love to explore it with our telescope.

Growing our food

With so much sun, tomatoes that we'll grow will be yummy. And all organic waste is going to our compost pile.

sun is all we need

We have a basic solar system that we'll scale up as our needs rise. But we keep our eye on the consumption as well.

Turning waste into gold

Tables, chairs, cabinets, decorations... everything that we need for comfortable life we're recycling, upcycling or building with our hands.

Back to the future

We have at least three 100-year old abandoned houses that need people magic to get turned into beauty.

More Stonefish photo impressions

Photo is perhaps worth a thousand words - but seeing it live is worth a million.

Why did we start this project?

A few words from the founders

"It just happened. We went, we visited, we thought we could build a pirate ship on top of the hill. That was enough. And the view... The view did it for us."

Yves Taquet
CEO at Goulash Disko Festival

"Life is too short to spend it surrounded by cars and concrete. On this hill you feel at peace and you feel that finally you can build your own version of Utopia."

Marko Gregovic
CEO at Brodoto

"I'm an agronomist by trade, but worked in fancy restaurants in Brussels for the last 10 years. I want to create a food transformation paradise - where food we grow becomes something magical in your plate"

Nicolas Renaux
Stonefish Chef Extraordinaire

Frequently Asked Questions

And if you have any more, shoot us a message via email or social media.
What's the vision?

The vision includes an organic farm. An astronomical observatory. Ecological and island development center. Homemade gin distillery. It also includes giant pirate ships and zip-line to another island. The land is inspiring, but we're aware that there's a long process in front of us, full of surprises. We also want other people and volunteers to bring and build their vision into this piece of land - we keep our vision open and flexible on purpose.

Is this a camp?

No. At least not yet. We accommodate people working here and volunteers in hammocks or tents. But we don't have the capacity to accommodate random visitors.

How far is the sea?

The closest sea is 1,500m in a straight line from top of the hill. We have wild plans to build a zip-line straight into the sea, but before we build it, it will take you around 40 minutes by walking or 20 minutes by car to get there. Same goes for the question "how far is the closest shop/ bar/ pizza?"

What are the rules?

When you arrive, you'll get introduced to the rules. But for the purposes of this FAQ it all boils don to one rule: don't be an idiot. Don't start a fire. Don't waste water. Don't litter. Be nice to people. Be proactive.

Can I volunteer?

Yes, absolutely. Especially if you have some special skills and if it's outside of the season. Please contact us on social media, or apply here.

How to get there?

It's a quite complicated, either by car or on foot: so we will give you instructions over the phone/e-mail once you decide that you want to come. For your reference you can see the location on the map:

What is missing from the paradise?

Great question! This is paradise in making, so we have a few conveniences of modern civilization missing. First, we are bringing water - until we do it we are forced to be extremely careful with water. We aim to use a maximum of 20 litres of water per person per day, so laundry and showers are extremely limited.
We have electric power, but for charging phones and laptops: not for turning on AC.
We have a composting toilet: we waste no water. If you something with water - you might be disappointed.